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2022-11-23 17:26:06 By : Mr. weibiao lin

Ulike Sapphire Air Series Adopts Sapphire Ice-Cooling technology to achieve painless hair removal

Recently, Sapphire Air Series adopts IPL (Intense pulsed light) and Sapphire Ice-Cooling technology to reduce the pain of hair removal and achieve painless hair removal. Besides, the hair removal of Ulike Sapphire Air Series has been available for online purchase on Amazon launched in July. Skin Care Beauty Machine

"The hair removal of Ulike Sapphire Air Series is unbelievable, which perfectly solved the problem that I couldn't go to the beauty salon during COVID-19 recently." Jack Lee said. It is said that he regularly went to beauty salons for hair removal. However, beauty salons in the community were no longer open to the public due to the COVID-19 outbreak. That's when he started using the Ulike Sapphire Air Series. He recently recommended the Sapphire Air+ Dark Green he used from Ulike. At the same time, its flat design enables no missing hair removal effects with five adjustable intensity levels and two modes to meet daily hair removal needs.

Laser hair removal, such as Ruby Laser (694nm), Alexandrite Laser (755nm) and Diode Laser (800nm), uses a single specific wavelength of light from a laser to target melanin for hair removal.

Instead, Ulike haire removal adopts IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, which is a fast flash of multispectral incoherent light. Melanin has a broad light energy absorption peak, so it can be targeted using a range of wavelengths from the IPL that adopts a selective photothermal effect. When the hair removal device is aimed at the hair removal part, and the light is emitted. The dermal papilla, hair follicle and melanin in the light-emitting part can absorb the pulsed light converting the light energy into heat energy and increasing temperature sharply, thereby destroying the supply of the dermal papilla to achieve the permanent effect of removing hair. While this effect is not to achieve permanent hair removal in the general sense but to achieve relatively "permanent" hair removal, which permanently inhibits hair growth.  

With the development of the medical beauty industry, hair removal technology is also constantly innovating, and the most popular hair removal device belongs to the Sapphire Ice-Cooling hair removal device. Compared with traditional hair removal methods such as hair removal knives, hair removal creams and hair removal pullers, people who need hair removal pay more attention to the painless experience of hair removal. Ulike Sapphire Ice-Cooling technology uses selective photothermal action to make semiconductor laser pass through Sapphire, filter the hot light into cold light and directly reach the skin surface, destroying the surrounding hair follicle tissue and achieving a painless hair removal effect.

Ulike adopts a flat tip design, which means the light outlet is the ice application port. The sapphire plus flat tip design makes the hair removal process leak-free and pain-free. Other hair removal devices on the market are concave tip design mainly. The metal frame around this design is a pseudo-freezing point and the contact surface with the skin is a hot light outlet, which can easily cause high-temperature burning of the skin and surface damage, as well as miss some parts of hair removal.

Ulike Sapphire Series products have 5 intensity levels that can be changed with a single click of the power button. More the indicator lights are on, the higher the level will be shown. We can adjust the gear according to the tolerance of the skin. Besides, the Sapphire Air Series of Ulike has two modes to meet the hair removal needs of different parts- Spot mode and Glide mode. Spot mode is suitable for delicate areas and fine areas, such as for facial laser hair removal, bikini hair laser removal, upper lip hair removal and underarm laser hair removal. Glide mode is used for large areas that are processed quickly and efficiently, such as body hair removal and back hair removal.

Many celebrities and Internet celebrity bloggers are using it on YouTube having tens of thousands of videos watched and countless likes. If you want to buy Ulike’s IPL Hair Remover, click on the link below to directly go to the official store and avoid buying counterfeits.

Official website: https://www.ulike.com/



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